Meet Jared – The Inspirational Wrestler with Cerebral Palsy

13 year-old Jared Stevens always wanted to be like his brothers and play sports. Especially wrestling. But unfortunately for the boy from Tennessee, he was born with cerebral palsy, leaving him with the physical capabilities of a six month-old. That didn’t stop him though as the video below proves.

His opponent, 12 year-old Justin Klevit could, naturally, beat him ten times out of ten. But Justin knew just what winning a wrestling match like his brothers meant to Jared.

Middle school wrestlers

After the match, Jared’s dad told his local newspaper all about Jared’s love of sport:

“Jared just likes to do stuff like everybody else,” he told the Franklin Home Page paper. “There’s a limit to what he can do, but something like wrestling, he can do that as much as he can do. He just enjoys being out there participating. He doesn’t mind trying anything.”

Great Sportsmanship

Proof that sport’s not only about who wins what. This little incident is a real triumph of the human spirit.