Wonderful Owner Takes Special Care Of His Dying Best Friend, Shep

Wisconsin man Dave Unger adopted his dog Shep almost two full decades ago. They’ve been at each other’s sides through thick and thin ever since. But just recently, Shep’s health has taken a turn for the worse. At 19, he’s had a good run. And it looks like, slowly but surely, his days are being numbered. He has severe arthritis and hip dysplasia which means he can barely walk and has to take painkillers. There’s just one thing that truly eases Shep and that’s floating in the water. So every day, Dave takes Shep into Lake Superior with him and cradles him. The floating means there’s no pressure on Shep’s aching bones, so he can rest and fall asleep…

Sometimes, the pair can be in the lake for hours. Shep hasĀ been such a wonderful friend to Dave. And Dave knows that what he’s doing for Shep now is the least he can do. This is seriously tear-jerking stuff.


What a wonderful story. And what a marvelously true friend Dave is!