The X Factor’s Denise Weeks: From Single Mom Subway Singer To Superstar!

Shortly after Denise Weeks had her two children, sadly, their father passed away. Since then, Denise has struggled financially. To make ends meet and to satisfy her need to entertain and rattle her vocal chords, Denise has sung on the New York City subway for tips. People have always enjoyed her and for a couple of years now, metro users have encouraged her to audition for a TV talent show. So she did. But a subway train isn’t quite the same thing as a 5,000 seater auditorium with cameras in. Not to mention the glaring eyes of a certain Simon Cowell. She sang Whitney Houston’s classic, ‘The Greatest Love of All’. But was so emotional, the judges had to stop her…

Find out exactly what happens in the inspirational clip below:


Wow. What an audition. What a simply wonderful voice Denise has. It almost made us well up. Best of luck, Denise!