VIDEO: A Man Collapses On the Street… This Video Will Definitely Make You Think!

You’re walking to work in the morning. You see a man in a suit stagger, waver and finally collapse on the street ahead of you. Do you stop to help him?

You’re probably thinking, ‘yeah – of course! Why wouldn’t I?’ But what if that man wasn’t in a suit but was wearing tattered old rags? Then what would you do…?

To discover exactly how¬†people faced with this dilemma would react, Frenchman Norni went undercover with his video camera and found out. Here he is dressed in the garbs of a homeless man, feigning illness…

Appearances Seem to Matter

A crowd is starting to build up now. Which one of them do you think is going to stop and help the man in need?

Homeless Guy Needs Help

Check out the video and see the surprising results in full for yourself:

Wow. Pretty shocking results of that little experiment, we’re sure you agree. Isn’t it such a terrible shame that so many people will judge others just by the way they look?

What would you have done if you’d been there? Can you be SURE You would have stopped? It certainly makes you think, doesn’t it?