When Elks Attack… This Astonishing Video Shows What Happens When Nature Feels Threatened

The Cataloochee Valley in the Great Smoky Mountains national park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Tennessee/North Carolina border – is a great place for wildlife. That’s why so many people go there to photograph the beautiful animals that live there, like the mighty elk. But it doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes, nature takes an interest in us, too.

The evidence? This meeting between a wildlife photographer and a bull elk that got much too close for comfort…

Elk attacks photographer

The elk, presumably feeling somewhat at risk, approaches the photographer with a mixture of curiosity, defensiveness and hostility.

The Elk Attacks

All the man can do is stay calm, remain where he is and attempt to placate the scared beast. The man’s clearly adept at dealing with animals – watch in full just how fantastically he deals with the situation:


We like to think that this video is proof that while man and nature might not always understand one another, we can still communicate and act in harmony. If you agree, why not share this post with your friends.