These $100 Tips Mean The World To The Fast Food Workers In This Video – Amazing!

Isn’t it strange that we tip restaurant workers and service staff in normal eateries, but ignore fast food restaurant staff? Why is that? They do practically the same job. In fact, you could argue that fast food workers actually work harder as they have to serve more people in a day. And when you’re only on minimum wage, it hardly seems fair. That’s how the two generous guys in this video think, anyway. So they decide to give some HUGE tips to some fast food workers and really make their day. $100 tips aren’t all that common in the industry we don’t imagine… So what the nice guys here do is really quite special!

Have a watch – the reactions from some of the people receiving their tips are brilliant:


How nice is that? You know that the gesture really made the people feel valued that day. What a beautiful thing to do!