Revived By Mum’s Miracle Hug – You Won’t Believe This Amazing True Story!

Kate and David Ogg arrived at the hospital because Kate was pregnant and had gone into labour. But what should have been one of the happiest days of their lives was filled with dread. Why were Kate and David so worried about the upcoming birth of their twins? Well, Kate had been pregnant for only six months. And their fears became a reality when the second twin, Jamie, was born.

Jamie was pronounced dead by doctors not long after he arrived. The doctors placed him in his mum’s arms so she could say hello – and just as quickly – goodbye. But Kate refused to hand little Jamie back. For she was convinced that he still stood a chance. It was a theory shared by her husband, but not by medical staff…

Kate and David Ogg

And that’s when a total miracle happened. Luckily for Jamie he has a mum who refuses to give up. What happened next is truly incredible.

The happy family

Watch Kate and David discuss their miracle in their own words:

It’s a beautiful story and an absolutely fantastic example of how important hope and positive thinking can be in life. Hearing the Ogg’s tale has certainly made our day! How about you?