True Love: This Enduring Friendship is as Sweet as It Gets

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but for this 88 year-old Japanese grandmother, it’s a cat that’s won her heart. But Fukumaru (which translates as ‘god of good fortune’) is no ordinary cat. Just look at his eyes. Fukumaru suffers from hetereochromia which affects pigmentation, causing a difference in the colour of his eyes. Don’t worry though – he’s not in any pain with the affliction.

Since Misa found the moggy abandoned as a kitten in a shed back in 2003, the pair of them have been┬átruly inseparable, sharing everything together. Their wonderfully strong relationship has been captured fantastically by the elderly lady’s photographer granddaughter. ┬áHave a look through Miyoko Ihara’s stunning pictures and bear witness to some truly unconditional love…

Misa loves her

True love

Good pals

A well earned break


Reading the papers

Orange time

Working hard

Friends for life


Cat fun

Sunny day

The easy life

Farm cat


Lucky cat


Real good friends

True friends

Bath time

The cat and the hat

Posing for the camera

Kicking back

A big kiss


Picture credits: Miyoko Ihara

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