46 Acts of Pure Kindness That Will Touch Your Heart #4 Deserves A Medal!

When you’re having a bad day, it’s easy to get down in the dumps and be miserable, isn’t it? And then all it takes is for a stranger not to hold a door open for you and you’re like, ‘everyone’s so damn RUDE!’ Well, we know how you feel. Yeah – we’re talking to you, fella who barged in front of us in the queue for the Post Office last week… RUDE.

But it’s not all bad. In fact, people are doing a whole heap of nice stuff for others all the time. Don’t believe us? Check out these fifty great examples:

1. This busy chap stops rushing to his train to help this elderly lady on the stairs. Nice.

Bag Help


2. Every day this man takes all the uneaten rolls and bagels from his deli to a homeless shelter and hands them out to the needy.

Bagel Man


3. On spotting a beached dolphin, he ran straight into the sea to save it.

Beached Dolphin Saved


4. This runner slowed down to help her fellow athlete drink, losing her first place position.

Beautiful Gesture


5. How thoughtful is this?

Car Boot


6. Everybody needs good neighbours…

Car Confusion


7. Here’s the Mayor of Chicago taking up a fellow train passenger’s offer to wish her friend good luck for a job interview.

Chicago Mayor


8. Japanese commuters club together to help free a woman train under a train. She survived.

Commuter Help


9. What a great scheme!

Cool Dry Cleaners


10. The cop is the perfect gentleman, he bought shoes for a homeless guy.

Cop Helps Out Homeless


11. This kid never thought he’d crowd surf. Brilliant!

Disabled Kid at Gig


12. Protests in the Middle East are halted for an unlikely birthday message…

Do Not Fight


13. FREE?!

Free Flowers


14. This lady eats lunch with the homeless every day.

Free Meal


15. The dog’s memory lives on with this gesture.

Free Tennis Balls


16. This barber gives haircuts and shaves to local homeless men once a week entirely for free.

Friendly Barber


17. The perfect housemate.

Get Dry


18. Hurricane victim receives neighbourly support.

Gift From Neighbour


19. A life saver!

Good Neighbour


20. This one’s above and beyond, surely!

Helping the Elderly


21. This teacher isn’t allowed to give extra tuition in her school, so she does it on the steps.

Helping to Read


22. This hobo is returning a diamond ring that a someone donating money into his paper cup accidentally dropped. The couple went on to make sure that the man was homed and in employment within a year.

Hobo Helped in Return


23. This enterprising man utilises a large table umbrella as a rain shield for two old timers. Sweet!

Keeping Dry


24. This young boy won a local Easter egg scavenger hunt, winning $1,000. Thinking of the sick little girl next door, the first thing he said was, ‘how much chemotherapy can $1,000 get?’ What a little guy!

Kind Wants to Help Neighbour


25. This man is patiently teaching his wife the alphabet again after she had a stroke.

Learning After a Stroke


26. This scrapyard dealer had no hesitations about returning this lady’s life savings after he discovered she’d left them in an old fridge which she’d thrown away.

Life Savings


27. A motorcyclist stopping to help a lady cross the road.

Motorcyclist Help


28. The man on the right donated his shoes to this shoeless homeless man and declared it didn’t matter because ‘he only lived a few minutes away’.

Muslim Donates Shoes


29. This cop hands out food at the day center – food he’s bought himself!

Nice Cop


30. The milkman makes your day!

Nice Milkman


31. Sportsmanship at its best.

Ohio Runner


32. They’re not all bad!

Parking Officer


33. After a crisis or local disaster, this is particularly useful. Call friends and family to let them know you’re okay.

Phones Charged After Hurricane


34. Here’s a Marine looking after a baby rabbit. Aaaah!

Rabbit Helped by Marine


35. Free snacks!

Random Kindness


36. This runner in second place tells the leader – who is slowly down – that the finish line isn’t coming up just yet. Top notch sportsmanship from the man!

Runner 1


37. This firefighter’s just risked his life to save this lady’s cat.

Saved Cat


38. Incredible scenes. This cop’s just handcuffed himself to a suicidal woman and thrown away the key to stop her from jumping (and taking him with her).

Saved From Suicide


39. This injured softball is carried over bases by the opposition so she still gets her home run. Wonderful.

Softball Win


40. This guy reads to his colleague every lunchtime because his friend cannot read.

Teach to Read


41. Strangers come together to wash a dog’s eyes after a tear gas attack.

Tear Gassed Dog


42. To protect and serve (and tie shoelaces).

Tied Laces


43. What would you do?



44. Irish rugby captain visits a sick little girl on the day of winning the coveted Heineken Cup.

Toddler Rugby Joy


44. This guy was nailed on to be a college hammer champ but decided to give it all up when he discovered he was a perfect bone marrow match for a friend.

Track Star Doing Well Track Star Sacrifice Track Star


45. He’s carrying a tortoise across the road!

Turtle Save


46. More lunchtime niceness!

Wrong Lunch

See? What did we tell you? People are basically pussy cats deep down. If some of these random acts of kindness cheered you up, why not do something nice yourself and pay it forward? Send this to a friend now!