This Random Teen Karaoke Singer Has the Best Voice You’ve Ever Heard

A young girl in denim shorts, a Superman tee shirt and a big red rucksack shuffles over to a TVĀ in a supermarket. She sheepishly picks up a mic and you realise it’s a karaoke machine she’s about to use. She’s probably going to screech and giggle over an Avril Lavigne song, isn’t she?


Amazing Karaoke Singer

The song she opts for instead? Whitney Houston’s version of the Dolly Parton classic, ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Karaoke Sensation

And is she any good? Take a look and make up your own mind…

So… Yeah. She’s not bad, is she?! It’s just a pity that everyone at karaoke can’t be as good as this little star, isn’t it?