15 Ingenious Shipping Container Homes You Won’t Believe

When you think of a shipping container, what do you think of? A giant metal box full of goods being winched by a crane near a port or dock, right? A big ol’ ugly rust-bucket full of junk. Well, all that’s about to change.

Resourceful people across the globe are taking these uninspiring metal boxes and applying a little imagination – and a good deal of work – to create houses. That’s right, houses! The idea of living in a box not sound all that appetising? Well, quite. That’s where a little thought and a toolbox comes in.

Let’s look at 15 fantastic examples of shipping containers being magically transformed into homes…

What a way to live

1. Difficult to imagine this house was once just a giant metal box, isn’t it?

Clever living solution

2. Some of them are surprisingly roomy.

Fantastic and cheap!

3. Why stop at one container? You can join more than one up.

Beautiful interior

4. This one is just stunning!

Sustainable living

5. This eco-friendly home really looks the part.

Living in a container

6. A little more functional looking, this one.

Happy living

7. This family certainly seem pleased with their new home.

Home sweet home

8. Look how spacious this place is!

Brilliant home

9. This cool black pad for $2,000? Amazing!

Artistic container home

10. You’d like to think this home looks slightly better on the inside, wouldn’t you?!

Yellow container house

11. Look how roomy this container home is. We could easily see ourselves living here…

Take a dip

12. Some of them even have their own pools!

Green container place

13. Cunningly disguised, this grassy-roofed container is perfect for hiding out in!

Inspired home

14. That’s it – we’re sold. We now want to live in one of these. We’re calling the estate agent now.

Wonderful container home

Picture credit: Reddit

15. Even when they still look like containers, they look snazzy. Weird.

Could this clever idea be the answer to the housing crisis? Not only that but if you were ‘to build’ your own shipping container home you’d be doing your bit for the environment. Why? Well, you’d be recycling, wouldn’t you?

Can you see yourself living in one of these?