Fearless Cat Charges Dog to Stop Vicious Attack On a Little Boy. UNBELIEVABLE!

A 4 year-old boy innocently rides his trike around the driveway outside his home. All of a sudden, the neighbour’s dog pounces and bites the poor little thing’s leg…

But someone comes running to the little ‘un’s aid. It’s not the kid’s dog. Or even one of his parents. Nope – it’s his cat!

Cat Stops Dog Attack

The neighbour’s dog – who is now under observation – strikes and attacks the 4 year-old…

The Dog Attacks

But this is where our hero Tara the cat steps in. Watch how fantastically brave she is in this CCTV footage:

How amazing is that? With no thought to her personal safety, she runs straight out to stop the dog in its tracks. Brilliant! We reckon this is proof of the undying spiritual connection that we can have with our pets. Because what was that, if not true love?

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